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Important information - before you turn on your HOT WOK Silverline

Important information - before you turn on your HOT WOK Silverline

By following the instructions for use and maintenance of your HOW WOK Silverline, you will extend the life of your gas burner, but it is also important to note that failure to follow these instructions will void the warranty.

Before using the HOT WOK Silverline Voor de eerste keer:

  • Take the gas flare out of the bag
  • Take the battery out of its packaging and insert it into the gas flare as instructed
  • Fit the gas hose to the valve with the rubber ring
  • Moisten with soapy water if necessary for easier installation
  • Check for leaks at the gas hose joints by moistening with soapy water. If there is bubbling when the gas is opened, this is a sign of leakage.

Which oil should I choose for a HOT WOK gaskachel?
The gas burner generates up to 4.5 kW of heat output. Therefore, it is important to use oil with a high flash point. We recommend peanut oil or sunflower oil. Remember that not much oil is needed when cooking with a HOT WOK gasbrander.

How to light and regulate the heat on the HOT WOK Silverline:
De HOT WOK Silverline has piezo-electronic ignition and can therefore be lit without matches or similar. It also has a built-in gas switch that automatically shuts off the gas if the flames go out.

Ontsteking: turn the knob to the OFF position and press the knob down while turning it to the ON position
Hold the button down until the gas flare ignites. During ignition, a click sound is heard from the electronic ignition.

Heat control: turn the knob slowly to obtain the desired heat

When the knob is turned to the ON position, the gas/heat is turned all the way up.

When the knob is turned past the ON position, the flames in the outer gas ring are regulated. The longer the knob is turned, the weaker the flames become.

To achieve the high temperatures required for wok cooking, we recommend cooking at maximum temperature. This will preserve the flavour and nutritional properties of the food.

Uitschakelen: when the knob is turned to the OFF position, the gas is turned off and the flames are extinguished.
Close the regulator.

Maintenance of the gas flare after use:
Wipe the gas flare with a damp cloth
Some foods may leave discoloration if left too long.

Wipe with a dry cloth

Check that the holes in the gas rings are not blocked

Remove stubborn food from the pan with a soft sponge or nylon brush
OPMERKING! Never use a wire brush or a hard sponge.

Wipe the pan thoroughly after cleaning

Maintain the HOT WOK Silverline gas hob surface by lubricating it with steel oil
This keeps the gas flame looking good and provides a protective surface that makes it easier to clean.

Storing the gas flare:
After using and cooling the gas flare, cover it and store it in a dry place. Store the flare in the original HOT WOK storage bag when not in use for long periods of time. This prevents, among other things, the holes in the gas rings from clogging. The storage bag is ideal for storing and transporting HOT WOK gas burners.

Remove the battery when the HOT WOK gas burner is not used for a long time!

Warning regarding use of gas flares:
HOT WOK Silverline may only be installed in accordance with applicable regulations and may only be used in ventilated rooms.

HOT WOK Silverline gets very hot. Keep children and animals at a safe distance.

HOT WOK Silverline is approved for both indoor and outdoor use.

HOT WOK Silverline is approved for LPG cylinders only. Other types of gas may not be used.

Never move the HOT WOK Silverline while it is lit.

Do not lean over the HOT WOK Silverline while it is lit.

In case of sudden gas leakage, close and dismantle the regulator. If the gas leak occurs indoors, open doors and windows. Do not use any type of electric air cleaner. Do not use other electrical appliances until a thorough venting has been performed.

HOT WOK Silverline should always be placed at least 1/2 meter away from flammable materials.

Do not place flammable or explosive materials near the HOT WOK Silverline.
HOT WOK Silverline should always be placed on a flat surface that is not made of plastic.

Do not use the HOT WOK Silverline wanneer het winderig is.

Eventuele fouten mogen alleen met origineel worden gerepareerd HOT WOK onderdelen.

Wijzigingen aan de constructie van de HOT WOK Silverline zijn gevaarlijk en niet toegestaan.

Gebruik alleen een goedgekeurde toezichthouder en een gasslang van MAX. 1,5 m.

Gebruik alleen origineel HOT WOK wok pannen.

Alle gele en lichtgewicht gascilinders van BP-gas kunnen worden gebruikt voor HOT WOK Silverline.

De regelaar moet altijd worden gesloten en verwijderd na gebruik.

Controleer regelmatig de gashing voor scheuren en lekken.

Controleer regelmatig of de gasslang correct is gemonteerd op de klep en regelaar.

Verlaat nooit de HOT WOK Silverline onbeheerd terwijl het is ingeschakeld.

Gebruik nooit water voor het blussen van vuur, omdat het de olie kan ontploffen. Gebruik in plaats daarvan een deksel of branddeken.

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