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Accessoires voor gasfornuizen en grills

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Gasstove and Accessories

HOT WOK offers you the most superior quality gasstoves on the market
Outdoor dining



  • Originele prijs €93,00 - Originele prijs €93,00
    Originele prijs
    €93,00 - €93,00
    Huidige prijs €93,00

    TOP LINE Table


    TOP LINE Table voor gasbottel Campingbaar, een extra tafel voor het terras, een tafel aan de kant voor de grill of een tafel voor je wok! Een mooie...

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    Originele prijs €93,00 - Originele prijs €93,00
    Originele prijs
    €93,00 - €93,00
    Huidige prijs €93,00


Accessories for your HOT WOK
Here you can find the entire HOT WOK product range of accessory equipment.

Ons HOT WOK TOP Line table for mounting on top of the 5 kg and 10 kg light weight gas bottles is an all time bestseller.

Not exclusively for the camping customers, but also for everybody who wants to make good use of waste space to have a steady table for setting aside.

De HOT WOK product range consists of much more than just gas burners for wok dishes.

You should try our HOT WOK Grill Pan which offers excellent heat for frying e.g. steaks, or flip the Grill Pan having the flat side up thus offering a perfect frying surface for making pancakes.

Learn more about the entire HOT WOK product range below. In de HOT WOK product range we have included North Fish Sauce as an accessory for seasoning your food. You can buy North Fish Sauce (Dansk fiskesovs) of superior quality on this website.

Wokpans, Paellapans and grill pans.

Wokpans, Paellapans and grill pans.

HOT WOK has everything for your HOT WOK gasstove / gasburner.

You can make a delicious paella on your HOT WOK with a 30 cm Paella Pan or a 35 cm Paella Pan. In our product range you can also find large woks of 35 cm or a small wok of 30 cm.

The grill pan for HOT WOK measures 32,5 cm. Our woks are of superior quality.

The wok is made of carbon steel thus making it second to none on a HOT WOK gasfornuis.

The heat climbs up the sides and the carbon steel makes the wok just as warm at the top as at the bottom – meaning perfect frying and heat utilization.

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Ons HOT WOK Professional puts out as high as 12 kW thus being the biggest on the market. Furthermore, the HOT WOK product range also includes HOT WOK Original which puts out as high as 7 kW power. Last – but not least – the HOT WOK product range also consists of the Silverline model with an output of 4.5 kW.

De Silverline wokstove / gasstove has been approved for indoor use. You should try theHOT WOK professional gasstove/wokstove. The wokstove / gasstove with outputs of 12 kW and 7 kW has only been approved for outdoor use.

You should try a professional gas stove / gas burner (a wok is included in the price) or you can use it under a copper kettle. EEN HOT WOK gasstove / gasburner offers you a lot of possibilities.