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Wokpan - 30 cm

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HOT WOK Wokpan - 30 cm

A Wokpan which heats up fast. It is perfectly suited for stir frying and cooking soups. A wok of superior quality from the HOT WOK product range. It suits all gas burners from HOT WOK.
    • 30 cm round-bottomed
    • 1.5 mm carbon steel
    • Wooden handle
    • Hook hanging

Experience authenticity and unparalleled durability with our 30 cm carbon steel wokpan. This wokpan is carefully crafted with attention to detail, making it the ultimate tool in your kitchen. Made of carbon steel, this wok pan represents not only authenticity but also impressive durability.

Additional Features:

Carbon Steel Construction: The authentic carbon steel construction not only gives the pan a unique character but also makes it incredibly durable, ensuring long-lasting use and performance.

Uniform Heat: Thanks to the carbon steel's ability to maintain and distribute heat efficiently, this wok pan is as hot at the top as it is at the bottom. This results in even and precise cooking, no matter what you're preparing.

Dive into a world of authentic cooking with our 30 cm carbon steel wok pan. The perfect blend of tradition and modern technology allows you to master the art of Asian cuisine and create unforgettable flavor experiences. Make your cooking special and choose our carbon steel wok pan – where authenticity meets durability.