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HOT WOK Grill Pan User Manual

HOT WOK Grill Pan User Manual

This exceptional grill pan allows you to create delicious and exciting meals with ease.

Follow this user manual to make the most out of your HOT WOK Grill Pan.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 32.5 cm in diameter
  • Material: Enamelled cast iron
  • Expected heating time: 1 minute

Before First Use:

  • Thoroughly wash the grill pan with warm water and mild soap. Rinse and dry it thoroughly.
  • Before the first use, it is recommended to lightly coat the surface of the grill pan with a neutral cooking oil to create a natural non-stick coating.

User Instructions:

  • Preparation:
    • Place your HOT WOK Grill Pan on a flat and stable surface, such as the stove.
    • Ensure that the handle is securely positioned and not in contact with heat sources.
  • Heating:
    • Turn on your heat source (gas or electric stove) and set it to medium to high heat.
    • Thanks to the advanced heat technology in the HOT WOK Grill Pan, the heating time is incredibly short – only 1 minute!
  • Cooking:
    • Once the grill pan is hot, you can start preparing your ingredients.
    • Place the food on the hot grill pan and let it acquire the characteristic grilled surface and flavor.
    • Flip the food as needed to ensure even cooking.
  • Cleaning:
    • After use, allow the grill pan to cool down completely before cleaning.
    • Wash the grill pan in warm water with mild dish soap and a soft brush or sponge.
    • Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents, scouring pads, or metal utensils as they can damage the enamel.
    • Dry the grill pan thoroughly after cleaning and lightly coat it with cooking oil to preserve the surface.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Store your HOT WOK Grill Pan in a dry place to prevent rust.
  • Avoid heating the grill pan without food on it, as it can damage the surface.
  • Regularly lightly coat the grill pan with cooking oil to maintain its non-stick properties and protect the enamel.

With your HOT WOK Grill Pan, you can create a world of delicious grilled dishes and juicy flavor experiences right from your own kitchen. Experience the joy of grilling year-round with this efficient and quickly heating grill pan.

Bon appétit!

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