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HOT WOK Maintanance

HOW TO: Remove Rust from Your HOT WOK Burner

What should you do if your beloved HOT WOK Burner starts showing signs of rust? We have a simple and effective tip to restore your HOT WOK Burner to its shiny state.

Spray, Wipe, and Renew
It's perfectly normal for a HOT WOK Burner to develop a bit of rust over time, especially if it's not stored correctly or cleaned regularly. But before you consider replacing your wok, try this simple trick: WD-40.

Step 1: 
Gently spray a small amount of WD-40 onto the rusted area. WD-40 isn't just an excellent lubricant; it's also a powerful rust dissolver. Let it sit for a short period, giving it time to work on the rust.

Step 2: 
Use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe the area. You may notice the rust loosening and coming off along with the WD-40. Continue wiping until you no longer see rust spots.

Step 3:
Now that the rust is gone, you'll likely notice that your HOT WOK already looks better. But why stop there? If you really want to pamper your wok, you can take it a step further with a bit of cooking oil.

Step 4:
Take another clean cloth and apply a small amount of cooking oil to it. Gently wipe the burner with the oil and watch as your HOT WOK gains a beautiful, shiny surface. This oil treatment not only enhances the appearance but also helps protect the surface.

Discovering rust on your HOT WOK doesn't have to lead to frustration. With the simple WD-40 trick, you can remove the rust and restore your wok's beauty. And once you've done that, you can indulge your HOT WOK with a light oil treatment.

So, bring out your HOT WOK Gas Stove, give it some love and care, and let yourself be inspired by the amazing flavor combinations you can create!

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