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HOW TO: Maintenance of your Paella Pan

HOW TO: Maintenance of your Paella Pan

By following the instructions usage and maintenance your HOT WOK Paella Pan will have a longer service life.

The warranty will be repealed if these instructions are not followed.

Usage for Paella Pan from HOT WOK:

since the Hot Wok gas burners can generate up to 4.5 kW, 7 kW and 12 kW in heating effect, it is important to use oil with a high flash point. We therefore recommend that you see peanut oil or sunflower seed oil.

  1. The HOT WOK Paella Pan is protected by a coating, which must be burned off before use. The Hot Wok pan is made from carbon steel - an excellent material for heat distribution. Heat up your HOT WOK Paella Pan until it the colour changes to dark.
  1. pour 3-6 tablespoons of oil into the HOT WOK Paella Pan and distribute the oil with circular motions for 2 min. It is important that the oil is applied to all areas of the inner surface. Turn off the gas burner and wipe of the pan with a paper towel. Repeat the procedure three times, until there is no residue left on the paper towel.
  1. Clean the HOT WOK Paella Pan thoroughly with warm water and a soft sponge, before use. Wipe it dry before cooking.

After preparation, your HOT WOK Paella Pan will have changed colour from shiny metal to a darker nuance. This is normal and indication that preparation has been done correctly.

Over time, the HOT WOK Paella Pan will become even darker.

The dark layer acts as a non-stick surface. Your HOT WOK Paella Pan can easily keep cooked food warm.

Leave the HOT WOK Paella Pan on the gasstove or place it on a dish mat.

Be aware that the HOT WOK Paella Pan is still very hot when serving.


We hope that you will enjoy your HOT WOK Wok pan.
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