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HOW TO: Maintenance of your HOT WOK Gas Stove – Cast iron

HOW TO: Maintenance of your HOT WOK Gas Stove – Cast iron

A HOT WOK gas stove is made of cast iron. With the weather in Europe, you must keep in mind that cast iron can rust. Even though the gas stove might get some rust it still works impeccably. However, we do have a few tricks if you want the gas stove to look perfect.

Oil iron cast Gastove

Has your HOT WOK gas stove gotten rust or grease stains? Then we have a very simple trick: use some cooking oil. It can be sunflower oil or peanut oil – whatever you normally use for cooking.

Take a couple of pieces of paper towel and put the oil on it. Wipe the gas stove on all surfaces with the paper. You would quickly be able to see how far along you are and where you still need to wipe. After 5-10 minutes you can wipe the oil off with some clean paper towels and the gas stove should be clean and shiny again – without being greasy and transferable. If it isn’t you can wipe it with clean paper towels again.

Even though you treat your gas stove with some kind of surface treatment, we still recommend that you take the gas stove inside a dry room, shed, or likewise, where the stove won’t be exposed to the changing weather and temperatures.

Maintenance of your HOT WOK Gas Stove – Iron cast

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