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The well-kept secret of exquisite outdoor dining

The well-kept secret of exquisite outdoor dining

The sun is beaming through the leaves in the trees and a light breeze carries the smell of the outdoor grill through the neighborhood’s back gardens.

The clinking of wine glasses mingle with the children laughing and playing nearby. On hot summer evenings, outdoor barbecues occupy every garden.

Outdoorkitchen with HOT WOK

The first time the grill comes out is often a marked occasion - and it is the start of a series of fun, special moments between people.

Important moments are celebrated with special meals and great meals create important moments. And for some inexplicable reason, meals under an open sky are just better. After a long day at the beach or a hard day at work, cooling off in the shade by the grill is something special.

For some, the first step of the outdoor barbecue is to drag out the old grill that has been taking up room in the shed all winter, and dust off the long-handled tongs from the bottom of the drawer. Others have a dedicated outdoor space, especially designed for grill-season, which is ready for the golden skyed summer evenings. 

On warm summer evenings, the last thing you want to do is slave away in an indoor kitchen. Move the late nights outside with an outdoor kitchen - entertain friends, family and loved ones in a space perfect for cooking and fun. Enjoying a meal in an outside setting is a marvelous, summer activity. Cooking the best grilling recipes and mixing the best summer cocktails, while enjoying the views; it is hard to beat that.

Whether you prefer rare, medium or well-done, you can get the steak just how you like it with a combination of a wok pan, grillpan, and gas burner. That is the well-kept secret of exquisite outdoor dining and a foolproof way to impress the dinner guests. HOT WOK is an essential part of cooking meals that are popular with everyone, whether they are picky, vegetarian, keto - as long as they have an appetite. Fry chips in the wok to cook the general favourite, or prepare a Char Siu with beef with just the right spice level for you.

The comfortable scene of the back garden is not the only possible set up for the Hot Wok. Enjoy your warm meals with a backdrop of your own choosing - you can take it with you and prepare dinner by the sea, in the field or forest, or you could bring it on your camping trip. Bring it anywhere you want to enjoy a hot meal. Bring the HOT WOK grillpan to enjoy the traditional burger set up, or your wok pan to cook your vegetables to perfection.

So enjoy your favourite summer drink, while you cook your medium done steaks and al dente vegetables in an outdoor wok setup.


Outdoor kitchen and HOT WOK
PIctures is from Danish Manufacture of outdoor kitchen - ByLogstrup. 

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