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The versatility of outdoor Wok dining

The versatility of outdoor Wok dining

Very few experiences celebrate the joys of summer living like preparing meals and enjoying outdoor dining with friends and family.

Dining under an open sky is a widely popular social occasion and a staple summer activity. In countries where the seasons bring their own climate, the first sign of summer is bringing out the grill.

Eating under an open sky means something different for everyone.

HOT WOK Outdoor food

Outdoor dining, or dining al fresco, is as versatile as anything. Whether you just want a hamburger or bring out your finest china for a real michelin star meal, outdoor dining is suited to fit the mood.

Travel around the world when you exercise your culinary skills. No matter where the chosen cuisine is from it is guaranteed to fit into the outdoor setting.

A combination of different recipes to make up the dinner table is a guaranteed way of making the al fresco experience a hit.

Have one foot in the italian kitchen while the other is dabbling in asian cuisine, with an Italian stir fry.

You can make the meal as colourful as you want with all the vegetables your heart desires. Cook some pasta, al dente or otherwise, while cooking the vegetables in your wok pot. In best chef fashion, toss the vegetables and pasta together. Sprinkle the meal with parmesan, peppers, and seasoning.

If you cook to impress, you can also go with a beef and broccoli meal. Here, you can prepare everything beforehand and make it a quick and easy process at the outdoor Hot Wok station. Bring the blanched broccoli, the marinated beef, the chosen sauce - stir fry it all together. Serve it up with some bread of your choosing and a cold cocktail.

There are numerous wok recipes that are both delicious and simple. Use whatever ingredients your heart desires and stir fry the meal.

And used properly your al fresco meal can be ready and on the dinner table in five minutes. Whether you prefer your food vegetarian or nicely marinated, perfectly cooked beef, the wok is adaptable to your food preferences.

The wok pan is very adaptable and is perfect for the outdoor dining experience. If you want to broaden your outdoor kitchen kit you can add on a paella pan or a grill pan to cook.

Make pancakes, burgers, a paella dish, and much more. Enjoy the summer evening outside with a nice meal, cool drink, and the right company. 

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