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Here you see the Unboxing of a HOT WOK Silver Line 4,5 kW
Always remember to read the user manual which is included.

Remove the flamingo and other transport protection from the box.

Pay attention to many small parts and the white box with parts for your HOT WOK Silver Line

Lift off the holder of the dustpan and then lift off the aluminium top ring.

Again remove safety packaging and other plastic.

You can now lift your HOT WOK Silver Line out of the box.

Now take the outer burner ring and the inner burner ring out of the small white box.

Be aware that there is a battery at the end of your HOT WOK Silver Line. Here you need to remove the foil and reinsert the battery. The battery is used for the Pitzo ignition

Now first fit the aluminium top ring.
Here it is important that the placement is correct. Note the setup here in the video and always check with the user manual. If this top ring is not mounted correctly your Silver Line will not turn on.

Mount the roaster burner ring and the inner burner ring on the aluminium top ring.
It is extremely important that you fit these correctly from the pitzo igniter as well as the gas supply.
You can see that the burner ring comes all the way down and lies flat on the aluminum top when properly mounted. Note in the video that the small extra brass marking out from the pitzo igniter.

Next, install the inner burner ring and make sure it lies correctly on the entire surface.

Finally fit the cast iron bracket and now you are ready to fit your gas supply.
The Silverline model can be used on large gas cylinders and on the small gas cylinders.
It can vary in which type of Gas Regulator you need.

For questions, inspiration or customer service, please write to

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