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HOT WOK is your shortcut to not only healthy but also more fun outdoor cooking in no time. 

Gas burner for the outdoor kitchen
A HOT WOK is eminent for cooking all kinds of dishes - everything from stews and deep-fried dishes to flash-fried wok food. As an added bonus, it also means that you save on electricity during the highest electricity price period of the day: When you have to cook dinner.

Now you can fry delicious meat and vegetables yourself – just as you know from abroad. The secret is our unique combination of exclusive Wok pans and Gas stoves.

You have probably tried to cook wok dishes in your own kitchen. The maximum temperature on the gas stove, oil in the wok, and then add meat and vegetables. You have probably also experienced the surprise that your food has been boiling instead of frying…

We have the solution to the problem! The Gas stove from the HOT WOK is up to four times as hot as your stove meaning that you will end up with fried juicy meat and al dente vegetables every single time you use your HOT WOK!

Did you know that your wok can be used to make a wide range of dishes? Only the sky is the limit to the delicious dishes you can make in a wok.

HOT WOK inspires you on how to cook delicious, healthy, and inspiring food from all over the world. We create tools of superior quality offering you the possibility of exploring the world of the wok.

What is greater than cooking and eating outside when the weather is great? According to us, nothing! With our pans and gas stoves, you can enjoy the outdoors while you cook – and you can make so many different recipes. With your new HOT WOK outdoor cooking has never been more fun!

HOT WOK is sold in more countries through our distributors’ network. 


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