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What can you cook with birds like rooks?

What can you cook with birds like rooks?

At HOT WOK we have made a very delicious suggestion, which you can follow here:

First, we make crispy rice paper in our wok.
- Pour one liter oil in the wok and heat it up.
- Once the oil is hot, put the rice paper in the wok. They only need about 3 seconds until they are done.
Save the crispy rice paper and mix a delicious chili mayo, if you want it to be homemade (or buy one).

You are now ready to cook the rooks.
- Cut 4 cloves of garlic into small pieces.
- Cut mushrooms into small wedges.
- Finely chop a medium heat chili.
- Cut the breasts of the rooks.

Fry the garlic and mushrooms in butter – add chili after a few minutes. Then add the meat from the rooks, which need about 1 minute on each side. After 50 seconds, we experimented by adding a good drop of rum on our Paella Pan to flambé the meat for 10 seconds (This is not essential, but it makes the meat really delicious if you want to give it a go).

You can now arrange on your crispy rice paper. Rice paper can be used as a bed for different appetizers or as garnish on all kinds of food. Here, we have made crispy rice paper simple and easy in our wok and used them to serve an easy collation of rooks, salad, chili mayo and some lime – you can definitely use it for many other collations too.

Is the rice paper too big or maybe not round, you can easily cut them into the shapes you want. After this, they only have fry for 3 sec. in the hot oil in the wok. We recommend, that you have everything ready when you add the rice paper to the wok, as they cook really fast.

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