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HOT WOK Cleaver Knife

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The HOT WOK Cleaver Knife is one of the best on the market. The knife measures 15.5 cm in blade length and is perfectly sized for slicing vegetables for your wok dish.

The blade material of the knife is made from alloy steel. The HOT WOK knife is crafted from exceptionally sturdy materials.

Our knife products undergo a meticulous forging process, involving a series of refining techniques such as hardening, hammering, tempering, and clamping. This process ensures that the knife is of outstanding quality and precision.

The blade's superior sharpness is attributed to the use of high-quality manganese steel and a intricately designed V-shaped edge. This combination enhances the blade's hardness, resulting in an edge that is not only exceptionally sharp but also maintains its sharpness over time.

Our knife production is built upon several generations of expertise. With over three decades of production, we bring a valuable wealth of expertise and craftsmanship to every knife that is produced.

Rooted in the ancient Chinese forging process, our knives are crafted with precision and respect for tradition. Our strict quality inspections ensure that every knife that leaves our workshop meets the highest standards of excellent quality.

• Made of alloy steel
• 15.5 cm long
• Good and secure grip in Bamboo
• Perfect for cutting, chopping, and slicing ingredients for wok dishes
• NOT dishwasher safe


H: 10.0 CM
L: 24.5 CM
W: 2.5 CM