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The difference between a 7 kW and a 12 kW Gas Stove - Wok Burner

The difference between a 7 kW and a 12 kW Gas Stove - Wok Burner

The difference between a HOT WOK Original 7 kW and a HOT WOK PROFESSIONAL 12 kW Wok Burners

No matter what, you get a unique heating effect with both the 7 kW and 12 kW Gas stove and Wok Burners. They are two of the most powerful Gas Stoves on the market. You must get a gas stove with a high heating effect when you want to grill and not boil food.

With a 12 kW  Gas Stove, you get lots of power – and you can always turn it down. The 5 kW extra, you get with a 12 kW Gas Stove rather than a 7 kW Gas Stove, is useful if you want to use it for something else than wok/the big wok pan. For instance, if you want a big pot of water or soup to boil quickly.

We use a HOT WOK 12 kW PROFESSIONAL gas stove when we cook for more than 4 people at a time (for 2-4 people vi use the Silver Line model with 4,5 kW and the small wok pan). That is also useful as a Gas Stove indoors. 

A HOT WOK gas stove with 12 kW and the big 35 cm wok pan just go well together. The gas stove does not care if it’s a bit windy and can keep the heat on the wok pan etc. The 7 kW gas stove needs to work a bit of overtime – but can in principle do the work.

To compare all this with kW, effect, etc. we can explain how your normal stove performs – induction/ceramic: 2,2 ~ 2,4 kW.

Gas Stove - HOT WOK Gasbrenner

The secret to make great wok recipes is the heat and the frying. The water should be sautéed away and will give the ingredients a very different taste than by boiling them.

The price is not that different. Therefore, we recommend you choose the 12 kW gas stove even though the 7 kW could be enough. Our sale statistics show that most people choose the 12 kW gas stove – but then again, we also sell a lot of the 7 kW gas stoves and Wok Burner.

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