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The most superior quality Gas stoves on the market

A HOT WOK Gas Stove offers you a lot of possibilities.
Silver line model HOT WOK

The Silverline

The Silverline gasstove has been approved for indoor use.
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HOT WOK Gasstove in woods

Use the Gasstove everyvere!

Hunting, Picnic - whatever :)
Get inspiration


We have made it easy for you to buy a STARTER-KIT of HOT WOK 7 kW Wokset / Gasstove. 4 Pcs. package.

For you who need to have the whole set together. We have gathered all the parts you need to become a "wokker".

Here you get the whole package with:

- HOT WOK Original 7 kW Gas Stove
- Wokpan - 30 cm
- Dishmat
- Windstopper.

Regulator and gas hose included.

Max load on the Gas Stove is 65 to 70 kg.

Original price €175,00 - Original price €175,00
Original price
€175,00 - €175,00
Current price €175,00


The wok is very easy to use and the video is sent to me.

Henrik Hansen

This gas stove is really easy to use and there is a good possibility to regulate the heat. At the same time, it can be used to make all kinds of delicious dishes,


Super gas stove that delivers the heat without losing your breath. It's a dream to cook wok food with this 12 kW stove! Highly recommended!

H. Delfer

Gasstove with possibilities

Outdoor Gas stove - hot wok

When you're out in the nature

If you need to bring a gas burner on a hike, fishing trip or out camping, it can be nice to have the opportunity to cook hot food on the trip. Precisely for this purpose, there are all sorts of smart ones. With a gas burner from HOT WOK, it becomes almost no easier to prepare hot food outdoors. Instead of spending an unnecessarily long time starting a fire that you can cook over, you can easily pack a small gas burner in your backpack or a larger gas burner in your car or caravan when you go on a trip and on no time make you a hearty and hot meal.

A gas burner is connected to a gas bottle, and it is available in many different sizes and variants. For trips outdoors, where you only have a backpack with you, it is recommended to buy one of the smallest sizes of gas burner. With the smallest size gas burner, it does not take up too much space in your pack, and at the same time it is not too heavy to go far with. Even the smallest gas burners can easily be used for the most basic things in cooking, such as boiling water, and just these basic things make you go really far. If you are traveling by car or caravan, you can easily bring one of the larger hobs with a single or several gas burners, so that you can have several pots or pans running at once.

Let's Wok ;)

  • Pad see Ew

    Pad see Ew

    Pad see ew is a Thai noodle dish that's really quick to make. It does require a trip to your local Asian supermarket or an online shopping trip - but it's well worth it! We cook the dish on a...

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  • Chicken in Sweet and Sour Sauce

    Chicken in Sweet and Sour Sauce

    Chicken in sweet and sour sauce is one of the most beloved wok classics. The delicious sweet and sour sauce perfectly complements the stir-fried chicken pieces, and the pineapple chunks add an extra juicy kick. Besides pineapple, we also use...

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  • Yellow Chicken Vegetable Curry

    Yellow Chicken Vegetable Curry

    Yellow Chicken Vegetable Curry by HOT WOK For 4 persons: Cut approximately 500g of chicken breast into thin slices and mix in a bowl with: 4 tablespoons light soy sauce 2 tablespoons teriyaki sauce 1 tablespoon peanut oil 2 tablespoons...

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HOT WOK Gasstove in woods

Be a little more creative

It allows you to be a little more creative with and Gasstove to cook for several people at once. It is not only the size of the gas burner that varies, but also the size of the gas cylinders that must be connected to the gas burner, so it is also worth taking into consideration when, for example, you need to be able to carry everything in a backpack.

It is incredibly easy and quick to cook over a gas burner, but it is not a good idea to try cooking over a gas burner indoors if the gas burner is only intended for outdoor use. Neither inside the home nor in a tent. There is a great risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire if you use a gas burner indoors despite the fact that it is made for outdoor use. If you really want to use gas burners indoors, such as in the caravan, so you can quickly cook for the whole family, then there are gas burners that are intended for indoor use. These gas burners have, among other things, ignition protection, so that they automatically switch off the gas supply if the flame of the gas burner should go out. This helps to ensure that no gas leaks into the room, which can increase the risk of a gas explosion.

To avoid major or minor accidents when using a gas burner, you should be aware that there is no flammable material near the lit gas burner, while you should also keep children away from it. You should also not walk away from your gas burner while it is on