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How do you maintain the grill pan and cast iron in general?

How do you maintain the grill pan and cast iron in general?

If you treat your cast iron properly, it can last almost forever, but it requires ongoing maintenance. This is because cast iron is very susceptible to, for example, airborne rust, and with the coastline we have in Denmark, we experience greater challenges with rust than the rest of the world.

How to prepare a new grill pan:

Wash the grill pan in hot water

Grease the grill pan with a neutral cooking oil

Use either a brush or kitchen roll. Then light your gas fire with the grill pan / cast iron in.

Heat the grill pan at a minimum of 200-230° C for a good hour

If necessary, apply oil a few extra times. This will make the surface easier to remove food and dirt, and also make the grate more resistant to rust.

Repeat at regular intervals.

You can use any neutral cooking oil, so it's best to avoid expensive olive oil, etc. It is not recommended to coat the cast iron with flavoured oils, such as sesame oil.

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