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HOW TO: Guide to using your HOT WOK gasstove

HOW TO: Guide to using your HOT WOK gasstove

You can also call it burning off your wok pan.

Here's a guide to using your gas flame and your new wok pan for the first time.

Once you have unpacked your HOT WOK.

- Pour the equivalent of 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil into the wok pan

- Start your wok burner on full heat. Be careful with 12 kW burners though as they are very powerful. DO NOT leave the wok when the oil is heating up

- Leave the wok over the flames until you can see the wok pan turning light brown at the bottom.

- Start to turn the wok pan over the flames. Right up to the edges. Quietly until the brown color comes where the hot oil is.

- Once you have gone around the wok pan with the oil and the wok pan is light brown in most places, take the wok pan off the gas flame and pour out the oil.

- Wipe the wok pan with kitchen roll

- Start over and do this 3 times.

- You are now ready to make super delicious wok food

Remember NEVER to clean your wok pan in soapy/sulphur water.

Always clean the wok pan only in plain water and wipe with a cloth.

The wok pan will turn completely black over time. It doesn't matter - it adds flavour and the wok pan will last "forever" with the above maintenance

See also the video here:


Should flames occur in the oil in the wok due to the high heat, NEVER extinguish the flames with water. Use a fire blanket or something else that can quickly smother the fire.

Note that there is a difference between outdoor gas burners and indoor gas burners. HOT WOK Professional and HOT WOK Original are both gas fires that may only be used outdoors. HOT WOK Silverline gas burners may be used as indoor and outdoor gas burners.

Besides the Silverline gas fire can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can also connect the small 450 gr. gas cans to this gas fire.

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