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Does your wok not burn correctly?

Does your wok not burn correctly?

Some may have problems with the correct setting on the burner ring on their HOT WOK ORIGINAL 7 kW and HOT WOK PRO 12 kW. This is because the three bolts you see in the picture are not adjusted correctly.

You need to make sure the combination of oxygen and gas is just right.

First, make sure the screws are only just pressed into the thread. Check all three bolts.

How to fix the burner gas oxygen


Then open the gas on the valve and light the flames with a lighter or a match.

Then tighten the bolts to block the oxygen. The less oxygen the smaller the flame. The flames should preferably be blue with a very small yellow color at the top.

If you tighten the bolts too much, the flames will be too small. The gas comes out from under the burner and thus makes a roaring sound. Immediately turn off the valves and open the bolts again. Each gas burner is set differently as the pressure in valves, regulators, and gas cylinders can be different.

The burners on your HOT WOK must be set up with the most correct air-gas combination. When the gas burner is set correctly, you will be able to see a uniform and specific flame pattern. The top of the flame can alternate in the yellow tones and the rest of the flame can alternate from light blue to dark blue.


If the flame pattern of the HOT WOK gas burner is irregular, check the following:

  • Is the gas bottle empty? If so, refill or replace the gas cylinder.
  • Is the gas hose bent or broken? If so, straighten the hose and check for any layers.
  • Is the burner itself damaged or is there some dirt stuck? Then clean the holes with a stiff brush or sponge.


If the advice above does not work, please contact customer support at




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